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The commercial warranty depends on the product category and is determined by the manufacturer's issued warranty certificate. It represents the period during which the consumer is entitled to free repairs from the seller/manufacturer.


The conformity warranty represents the legal period of 2 years during which the product will be brought into conformity with no cost to the consumer. Conformity refers to the characteristics of the product as offered to the consumer through the corresponding advertising by the seller/manufacturer.

All products benefit from the legal conformity warranty, which represents the legally required period of two years during which the manufacturer will bring the product into conformity at no cost.

During the conformity warranty period, the manufacturer will repair, replace, or refund the value of the product.

Repairs will be carried out within a reasonable time, with a maximum of 15 calendar days. The seller is obligated to provide the consumer with the following: warranty certificate (only for long-term products), user/installation manual.