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14 Feb All about fabric roller blinds
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PLEATED BLINDS, FABRIC ROLLS, VERTICAL BLINDS, ROLLER BLINDS, CURTAINS, DRAPES AND MORE.Spoilt for choice?We've put together a series of posts detailing the benefits of each interior shading system yo..
14 Feb Brief history of horizontal blinds
bogdan12 0 3661
A short history of horizontal blinds.Horizontal blinds as shading systems have their roots as far back as Ancient Egypt when the Egyptians wove reeds into slats to keep out the sun's shadow, while con..
14 Feb Day & Night Blinds Buying Guide
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Day & night blinds are a relatively new product on the market, but are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional curtains and blinds. The combination of the look and functionality of..
17 Sep Measurement guide
29 Aug How to choose the right gallery model for curtains and curtains
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